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  The 6th China(Beijing) International Wisdom Agricultural Equipment and Technology Exhibition(CWAE) is an annual national agriculture business negotiation and technology information exchange, which will be hold on March 26-28 at Beijing Exhibition Center. It is hosted by Zhenwei Exhibition Group (Stock Code:834316), Xinjiang Zhenwei International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

  CWAE covers four major aspects, water-saving irrigation technology, greenhouse&horticultural materials, latest high-tech agricultural equipment and agricultural aviation.In 2017, it attracted over hundreds exhibitors from China, American, Israel, Canada,Italy, Spain, Turkey, Korea etc, achieving 4 halls and 30,000 sqm exhibition space.

  CWAE is themed for "Efficiency,Precision and Intelligence "which aims to reveal the modern science and technology support and assurance the development of agricultural modernization, providing platform for latest scientific and technological achievements,.agriculture product promotion and applied engineering.

    “Wisdom Agricultural (Beijing) Innovation Development Summit”, “The 2nd National Agricultural Photobiology and Lighting Industry Development Forum” and “2018 China Wisdom Agricultural Innovation Development Forum” etc forums and activities will be hold during CWAE.Combined with current situation of the development of wisdom agriculture, hereby invite well-known experts in the industry to analyze and discuss the agriculture issues.

  2018, the 6th China(Beijing) International Wisdom Agricultural Exhibition,you’re welcomed to join us!


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